Our story - Atelier Belge
Atelier Belge, founded in 2012, is a Belgian based design label/studio and the brainchild of Deevie Vermetten and Oskar Vermeylen. Atelier Belge creates quirky interior items and furniture designed according to three beliefs:
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Atelier Belge develops and produces quirky and timeless interior objects. Our work is strongly inspired by the identity of the user, it is characterised by a refined and minimal appearance and a keen eye for detail. Its outcome is best nominated as ‘playful functionality and offers alluring solutions for everyday situations.


Atelier Belge products are exclusively designed in Belgium and produced with meticulous quality standards, under fair and safe working conditions and with profound environmental awareness.

atelier belge studio office workspace


All Atelier Belge products are developed in our own workshop, just around the corner of our studio in Westmalle, Belgium. Our designs are the result of a close collaboration between the designer and our specialised crafters.


To ensure high quality products at a fair price,¬†we collaborate with the best Manufacturers across Europe. Our products are only made in factory’s that ensure employees’ well-being and follow regulations about labor, health and safety.

Environmental responsibility

We love wood, and not just a bit. It adds that extra feel and charachter we look for. What nature gives us, we give back. Therefore we proudly invest in reforestation where we source our wood and where it is needed most. Together with OneThreePlanted, we plant a tree for every product that we sell. We continuously seek ways to minimize our environmental impact, show social responsibility and give back to our community.

Deevie Vermetten

Founding partner & lead designer

Oskar Vermeylen

Founding partner & lead designer