Quirky and timeless interior objects - Atelier Belge
Atelier Belge develops and produces quirky and timeless interior objects. Our work is strongly inspired by the identity of the user, it is characterised by a refined and minimal appearance and a keen eye for detail. Its outcome is best nominated as ‘playful functionality' and offers alluring solutions for everyday situations.
Atelier Belge, Belgium, Antwerp, furniture, furniture design, interior, interior design, interior concepts, Loopholes, Flat., Unlimited
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Modular design Objects that add a pop of colour

Atelier Belge offers a collection of practical design objects that adapt to different spaces and the user’s changing needs. With our modular design approach, we challenge how objects are perceived. Our unique and colourful designs are inspired by people’s needs and their personal aesthetics.
Atelier Belge was born and embarked on a quest to find versatile solutions to basic human needs. Objects that evolve with our clients and last a lifetime.  This forms a solid rationale and ensures a balanced whole, regardless of the configuration.

“Our meticulous attention to dimensions, fair use of materials and refreshing perspective on colours make our objects both practical and beautiful.” – Deevie and Oskar, Founders

atelier belge studio office workspace

Our Story



My home, My personality.

Atelier Belge Flat composition



Versatile and functional

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