Totem cabinets and shelves - Atelier Belge
This modular unit is the quintessence of Atelier Belge’s three beliefs: timeless design, functionality and personalization. Its minimal design excels in simplicity; the different setups are unlimited and the wide range of applications allow you to customise the grid however you like! ‘Loopholes’ isn’t bound by trends, styles or functions, which makes it easy to integrate it into every corner of your home.
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A minimalistic and customizabale series of cabinet and shelving units in aluminum.

3 modules, perfectly shaped according to the golden ratio, set up the base for an endless range of possibilities. You can use one of them as an independent piece (on its own) or you can combine them in a big set-up: wall mounted, free standing or on wheels. Horizontal or vertical. With doors, shelves and backs in Woolfelt, wood or wired glass. The outcome of the totem system is completely hand-made by you and only you.