Flat. - Atelier Belge
This modular unit is the quintessence of Atelier Belge’s three beliefs: timeless design, functionality and personalization. Its minimal design excels in simplicity; the different setups are unlimited and the wide range of applications allow you to customise the grid however you like! ‘Loopholes’ isn’t bound by trends, styles or functions, which makes it easy to integrate it into every corner of your home.
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As versatile and functional as Loopholes, but with a more subtle, more refined appearance, FLAT. sets the bar for practical living high. A fine wooden edge, available in in three sizes and four types of wood and a range of accessories give your wall the purpose and style you prefer.  As a single piece or in composition, you name it! How and where you use FLAT is completely up to you. Anyway, it brings structure and style to your daily life. In your kitchen, hallway, bathroom or garden.

Atelier Belge Flat composition